International partners

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Internationalization

Internationalization is an important aspect of education and research at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Innovation in professional practice can only take place in an international context, by making use of the knowledge available wherever in the world it may be. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht welcomes academic and professional partners from abroad to help us achieve our shared internationalization goals. International cooperation comes in many different forms: from collaborative research projects and student and staff exchanges to joint study programmes, international exchanges through e-learning and intensive courses.

In the multicultural society of the Netherlands and the Utrecht region, it is natural that we teach our students intercultural skills. Our student population reflects this diversity, with around one hundred different nationalities. Students from all over the world take classes together with Dutch students, so that international programmes provide a multicultural study environment. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht also attracts foreign teaching staff to enhance the international dimension of the international programmes. You can find an overview of our international study programmes on our international website.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is constantly increasing the number of courses which are taught in English. Some programmes start in the first semester (September - January), while others start in the second semester (February – June). One semester is worth 30 credits and lasts 20 weeks.