Strategic alliances

HU wants to be visibly valuable to its surrounding area. We collaborate intensively with major and small businesses, (knowledge) institutions, partners in the educational chain, and governmental authorities. Co-creation and co-production are the keywords. Our students are put wise to the professional world by, for instance, internships and graduation assignments. In their turn, the staff members from these businesses and institutions provide guest lectures.

HU likes its knowledge and technology to be of social and economic value to both its surroundings and the university itself. That is why our university is a main participant in the Utrecht Valorisation Centre (UtrechtVC), a collaborative partnership of HU, Utrecht University, the Utrecht University Medical Centre, and Rabobank.

HU is located in both Utrecht and Amersfoort. The Utrecht activities are slowly but surely concentrating in the Utrecht Science Park, where some of our important strategic partners like Utrecht University, its medical centre, and Nutricia Research, are located – and where education, research, and knowledge – intensive corporations reinforce one another by their mutual proximity.