Halfway through the last century the need arose for companies and other organisations to hire better and more highly educated staff. A great many HU programmes are rooted in those days. From the 1960s onward, higher education surged. Increasingly more people went to university, and the number of universities of applied sciences rocketed. The courses they provided, however, were scattered, making it difficult for students to find their way in the educational landscape of Utrecht. This changed by the end of 1994, when a number of smaller universities of applied sciences merged into the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. In 2005, this university merged with the De Horst University of Applied Sciences in Driebergen and changed its name to HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

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HU now has some 3,500 employees and 36,500 students, distributed over 6 faculties and 2 cities – Utrecht and Amersfoort. We provide a wide range of study programmes and courses that cover virtually all the professional fields. In 2002, the university installed its first 2 research professors. We currently have almost 40 working in 6 research centres. They conduct research into issues from the professional fields and thereby contribute to the development of those fields. Moreover, research findings are fed back into the education that we provide so that our programmes and courses stay up to date and maintain their high quality. It is this strong intertwinement of the professional world, education, and research that is characteristic of HU today.

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