HU's practice-focused research provides solutions to questions from businesses and other organisations. Our research also yields new knowledge and insights that, in turn, is important to the education that we provide. This is how we strengthen both our students' education and the innovations in the professional world.

Our research is based in six faculty-specific research centres and clustered in terms of content. Both teaching staff and students are actively involved in the projects that the research centres are working on. In order to generate more impact, HU collaborates with various companies, (knowledge) institutions and governmental authorities. Such collaborations are reflected in centres of expertise such as U CREATE and Smart Sustainable Cities. The impact of our research is not only felt at the local level: in 2011, HU took the initiative for the foundation of CARPE, an international consortium for practice-focused research and profession-focused education. The CARPE partners jointly develop education and research and reinforce one another in the acquisition of external resources for its research.

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