In 2014, some 36,500 students were enrolled at HU in both full-time and part-time bachelor's and master's degree programmes. HU supervises and supports them not only during their studies, but also when they prepare for the labour market.

Since we are clear about our expectations, students know that they will have to meet the highest standards. In return, we provide the necessary structure and support. Every student is counselled by a teacher-coach who helps them make the correct choices during and after their studies, so that they can develop their personal talents – by, for instance, utilising the array of content-related components such as minor courses, internships, graduation projects, and honour's programmes. HU is known for its relatively great student participation. Students are co-creators, involved in the university's operations in a wide of range of areas like services and housing, and active in the central advisory council and study programme committees. Finally, the 17 study societies offer students the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of their future profession in a club of like-minded fellow learners.

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