Educational innovation

We want to be a university that enables lifelong learning, stays abreast of developments in the professional world, and responds to students' experiences, interests, and needs. That is why HU is redesigning all of its curriculums through its Educational Innovation Programme.

Its core concept is personalised learning. We want to offer newly beginning and working professionals the freedom to vary in learning styles, the speed with which they complete their courses, and to build their personal profile through their own specific content. Blended learning, for instance – a mix of face-to-face education, online learning, and work-based learning – allows us to take into account all the differences between our students. In the development and range of our courses, we increasingly collaborate with the professional world – our students' future employers. Together with the same professionals we conduct practice-focused research, whose findings enhance our education. That is how we respond to the current as well as future development in the professional fields and how HU contributes to the innovation of professional practices and the development of personal talents.

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020’ is a strategic document setting out where we want to be in 2020. It provides direction for our work and for policy development. It also allows plenty of space to work out the details of the ‘how’.

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Vision of education

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