HU wants to support people throughout their professional life, from the age of 17 to 67: a lifelong learning. That is why we have a coherent range of bachelor's and master's degree courses as well as post-initial courses, all designed and taught in collaboration with each professional field.

We aspire to provide good quality education that is intertwined with our practice-focused research and well-grounded in the various industries. We train our students into highly demanded professionals whose practices are evidence-based, who have the ability to reflect and abstract, and who are capable of combining up-to-date practical experience with theoretical knowledge. At HU, professionals learn to develop and apply new knowledge throughout their career, so that they can continually innovate their practices.

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Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020’ is a strategic document setting out where we want to be in 2020. It provides direction for our work and for policy development. It also allows plenty of space to work out the details of the ‘how’.

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