HU is a knowledge organisation. Through high-quality education and research we work on the innovation and professionalisation of professional practices and on the personal development of talents. We thus contribute to the social, cultural, and economic development of an open, just and sustainable society.

The professional practice as our point of departure

HU trains motivated students – from the age of 17 up to 67. In other words, we not only concentrate on newcomers to the labour market, but also on those who (long) have a job and wish to update, broaden or deepen their knowledge and skills. After all, society needs professionals who continually renew their education and keep up to speed. We have a wide range of study programmes and courses that cover almost all the (professional) fields and are one of the largest providers of post-initial education and master's degree programmes. Many of our programmes sprouted from the demands from those professional fields, which still are the point of departure for all our work. Together with professionals in the field – and with the findings from our practice-oriented research [link to University of Applied Sciences] – we safeguard the high quality of our education, contribute to the Human Capital Agenda of various industries, and help to innovate professional practices. 

University of Applied Sciences

As a university of applied sciences, we believe that if they are to be quality professionals, students do not only need an excellent education, but must also be able to depend on sound research.  Our research focuses on practice. In choosing our research projects, we consider the questions from, and the developments in, the professional world and society. We provide businesses and other organisations with solutions to widely varying, complex issues which, in turn, render new knowledge and insight that can be applied in professional practice as well as in the courses that we provide. It is this strong intertwinement of practice, education, and research that is characteristic of our university.

Co-creation with regional partners

Located in Utrecht and Amersfoort, HU is anchored in the region of Utrecht, a dynamic region with a strong economic motor and a great many knowledge workers. We contribute to the innovation of professional practices and have an impact on the social and economic development of the region. We collaborate intensively with major and small businesses, social organisations, and (health) care institutes, knowledge institutions, partners in the educational chain, and governmental authorities. Co-creation and co-production are the keywords. Through our graduates, but also through our research and investments, our university is an invaluable factor in the region's competitive power and its population's welfare.

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht in 2020’ is a strategic document setting out where we want to be in 2020. It provides direction for our work and for policy development. It also allows plenty of space to work out the details of the ‘how’.

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Vision of education